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How to Do SEO Right From the Comfort of Your Home

How to Do SEO Right From the Comfort of Your Home

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of making content more search engine-friendly to increase its chances of appearing in results for relevant queries. The goal of SEO is to drive visitors towards your website instead of your competitor’s by ranking higher in the results for certain keywords – an approach achieved best through keyword research, site structure changes and link building techniques.

To understand SEO, it’s essential that you understand what search engines are searching for. The first step should be for them to discover your site by submitting a sitemap with all of your pages listed; Google then crawls each one individually before indexing them all into its index.

Once your site is in the index, it’s important to use a CDN to speed up load time – an integral factor of SEO. Next comes keyword research to understand what potential customers are searching for – then writing content that satisfies this demand – an artful combination of both writing and SEO!

As a beginner, it is advisable to focus on several keywords or phrases which will bring in the highest traffic volume; these “money” keywords should bring in maximum returns but beware not overdoing it with keywords as this could get your site penalized by Google’s updated algorithm.

Not only should your money keywords appear within the text of your articles, but you should also use them as keyword modifiers in internal links – this will not only increase link juice but will help your content rank better in the long run!

Finally, it’s essential to monitor your SEO progress on an ongoing basis with Google Search Console. This tool provides detailed information about each piece of content’s performance – how many impressions and clicks it received and the search terms people used to locate it; whether your efforts are paying off and, if they’re not, what needs to change; plus it shows whether any efforts you are undertaking are actually paying off! At minimum you should check these reports daily, which will enable you to quickly spot problems quickly so you can take corrective actions quickly – otherwise you are flying blind with SEO!

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